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April 2014


The Law of Maintenance


States that regular care is essential for longevity & performance.


How long do you want to live? How healthy will those years to be? You determine those answers!

2 Essentials of Health Maintenance:

1. Motivation – Your “why” & 2. Consistency - Regularity of actions


Maintain “The 5 to Strive”

Daily exercise, natural nutrition, restful sleep, positive attitude, & regular body care.


Evaluate your current health… Are you happy with it? Or, are you sick & tired of being sick & tired? Are there things you just haven’t maintained?


When do you change your car oil? When the oil light goes on? When smoke exits the tailpipe? Or, when the engine blows?


Only you have the power to take action. Health is easily taken for granted. 


Maintaining health is always a better choice than trying to regain it. Choose Wisely & Live Well!

SATURDAY, APRIL 19th @ 12pm


Just $5 per person, children are free!


Join us with Mama T from "Down to Earth"


Learn new and 'ono' Spring recipes for your picnic or bbq's!



Black Bean Noodles with Roasted Tomatoes & Cauliflower,

Antipasto Salad,

Raw Strawberry Parfait


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Chiropractic Reduces Stress

Reduce your Stress & get adjusted!


Is STRESS getting the best of you? Neck or lower back pain? Headaches or Migraine? Sleeping troubles? Poor Immune system? Increased irritability? You’re not alone! Millions of Americans suffer from chronic stress levels that lead to a variety of health problems according to the Mayo Clinic.


Stress attacks us in 3 forms:

Physical Stress – car accident, sport injury, too much sitting, poor sleeping positions, etc.

Chemical Stress - poor nutrition, high drug/med use, smoking, too much caffeine and/or alcohol, etc.

Mental / Emotional Stress - anxiety, depression, anger, grief, etc.


How does chiropractic help with stress?


Click here to read more

Organic vs Non-Organic. What to buy on a budget.

When you feed yourself and your family, are you conscience about eating organic vs non-organic? You might say that organic is too expensive! And, what's the benefits of organic anyways? 


The biggest study ever into organic food - a four-year project called the Quality Low Input Food project - found that organic food is far more nutritious than non-organic produce, and can help improve your heatlh and longevity.


The study found that:

- Organic fruit and vegetables contain up to 40% more antioxidants.

- Organic produce had higher levels of beneficial minerals like iron and zinc.

- Milk from organic herds contained up to 90% more antioxidants.


Buying all organic can be very costly! So, what are foods that you should always buy organic to avoid high pesticide/herbicide levels and what are foods that you can buy non-organic that are lower in pesticide/herbicide levels?


Click here to view the list of Organic vs Non-Organic foods to buy.

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